Candy-Coated Spring

Emerging from a deep snow always feels a little like waking from a dream–one where the world is candy-coated, time stands still, and all that matters is playing fetch, taking pictures, and memorizing the beauty of an unexpected storm.

Buffalo Bound

As it turned out, plunging into the storm wasn’t a disaster after all. Once we passed Casper, the wind died down and we could appreciate the winter landscape. The seven-hour drive to Billings is a trip we make often, so it was nice to have some scenic variety. We stuck to the highway until I […]

Wyoming Winter

Wyoming winters are both better and worse than you’d expect. Whenever I tell someone I live here, they say “Oooooh, the winters” – as if they know I’m suffering terribly from October to March.And they’re right—but not because of the cold, or the snow. Generally, our  below-zero, snow-infused days are followed by sunshiney 60-degree days that melt […]