Meditating is Dangerous

Meditating is good for me, right? And I’m fortunate to have beautiful spaces where I can sit and be one with the universe. Plus I have a very good dog to protect me. Perfect… sometimes. Other times, like today, the protection gets in the way of the meditation. Jesse saw something across the creek as […]

The Home Woods

Stillwater Diary, January 22, 2019 We’re back home, and happy to be here. It’s pretty cold, although compared to New England thirty degrees is downright balmy. The dogs, as always, had a wonderful time. Chloe played fetch with her beat-up, twisted old Frisbee the whole way. Here she is waiting for me to throw it: Biskit stayed close, as […]

Thoreau’s Woods

Those of you who know me well are used to my obsession with nature. My husband and I live at the wild edge of Wyoming, right on the border where the winds blow hard and life is a struggle for even the toughest critters. We love it here, and enjoy our walks in the woods. […]

Foggy, Foggy Day, 10/4/15

I tramped uphill, intent on photographing fall color, knowing it would glow against the dark, damp earth. But I was hijacked, as always, by the little things–the tiny plants that are recolonizing our damaged forest.