About The Books

The message in all my books is summed up in a sign over my desk that says, “Love is a Risk Worth Taking.” My goal is to show readers how opening their heart and letting themselves fall in love with friends, with their hometowns, with the landscape they live in, and with life in general can lead to romantic love that lasts a lifetime.

While my characters face real conflicts, there’s always a thread of romantic comedy running throughout my books, and much of that comedy comes from animals. Like my life, my books are filled with critters, from a squadron of energetic Jack Russell terriers to a beloved but stroke-addled horse. I’ve written books that revolve around animal rescues, equine therapy, and puppy mills.  If you check my Facebook page, you’ll see how critters, wild and tame, dominate my life.

Most of all, I believe romance novels should show readers what to ask for in a partner, and show them there’s no reason to settle for someone who doesn’t treat them with love and respect. My cowboys are sexy and handsome, but they’re also kind, family-oriented, and determined to do the right thing – even when it’s hard.

On a more practical note, if you want to read the books in order, here’s the progression. However, I make sure each book stands on its own and no reader feels lost or left out because they didn’t read a previous entry. So pick up whatever Joanne Kennedy cowboy book you like, and I promise to entertain you!

The Blue Sky Cowboys series:

The Cowboys of Decker Ranch series:

Standalone Books: