Cowboy Trouble

The Best Kind of “Trouble”

I’m in “Cowboy Trouble” again! I’m spending a lot of time with Luke and Libby and the crazy characters who populate my first book, which will be re-released next year. My publisher has kindly allowed me to go through the manuscript and fix all the bugaboos lurking in the text. It’s an author’s dream to […]

マスマーケット !

Cowboy Trouble in Japanese, from Amazon Japan: マスマーケット Look at that second-to-last character! It’s a cute little cock-eyed smiley face! I think I need a tattoo – don’tcha think?

Coming Soon!

Since “Cowboy Trouble” will be out in less than 90 days (!), my genius graphic designer is working on the new website. I had to share the new placeholder image.  For more brilliance from my web designer, check out his site at . The photos will knock you out! And prints make great holiday […]