Cowboys for Sale



Hey, readers! 

If you missed my first three contemporary Western romances, the e-books are on sale now for just 99 cents! The sale runs through October 15th, so don’t delay! These books mean so much to me, because they’re just bursting with my love for Wyoming, my adopted forever home. Plus they feature three of my favorite fictional cowboys!

Where else can you find cowboys like these for less than a dollar?

Cowboy Trouble: 

Big city journalist Libby Brown is through with men forever. She’s made up her mind to live her dream of owning a farm, but her transition to rural living is proving to be a rocky road. Fortunately, the rancher next door seems happy to help her adjust. Unfortunately, she’s afraid all her anti-romance resolutions are blowing away on the Wyoming wind.

Rancher Luke Rawlins believes this sassy, independent city girl is the woman he’s been waiting for, but when she ropes him into an investigation of their tiny town’s one and only mystery, his sizzling-hot attraction to the girl next door begins to complicate his life in every way possible.

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One Fine Cowboy:

Horse trainer Nate Shawcross loves his remote ranch, but his ex thought he should become a famous “horse whisperer” like in the movies. Since he much prefers horses to people, he’s not happy when she sets him up to teach clinics. But the work just might save his ranch, and he finds a surprising ally in one of his students, a grad student studying interspecies communication.

Charlie Banks is in Wyoming to learn about horses. She’s not a fan of cowboys, but then, she’s never met one like Nate. He and his adorable daughter don’t fit in with her life in academia, but when foreclosure threatens the ranch, she finds herself fighting by his side to save it.

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Cowboy Fever:

A modeling contract with Wrangler earned rodeo queen Jodi Brand a ticket out of town, but she feels like she lost her soul somewhere along the way. Returning to her hometown, she sets up a therapy program for kids with disabilities. Now she feels like she’s using her powers for good.

Rough-stock breeder Teague Treadwell has always been a diamond in the rough, and his edges still need smoothing. He believes the romantic goodbye he and Jodi shared was just a fling she soon forgot in the excitement of her glitzy new life, but when he starts helping out with riding therapy, he manages to find his heart while as Jodi revives her soul.

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A note from the author:

Like my heroines, I was a fish out of water when I first came to Wyoming. These three books chronicle the best things I learned about the West. Cowboy Trouble was inspired by long summer days spent exploring the unique small towns that dot the high plains. One Fine Cowboy showcases the techniques of western horse trainers and shows how its concepts can inform every part of your life–including love. And Cowboy Fever is based on my experiences volunteering at a therapy riding clinic, and shows how helping others can help you find your heart and soul.