CrackerJack Mechanic

  Stillwater Diary, August 28, 2018
We’ve found that a major hazard of country living is rodents setting up housekeeping under the hoods of our vehicles. Just last week, we discovered elaborate nests in both the Subaru and the pickup.
Fortunately, we have a crackerJack (Russell) mechanic on duty. The trouble is, she’s so determined to fix the problem we’re afraid she’ll dismantle the engine. I let her under the hood of the Subaru this afternoon for a little reconnaissance, and made the mistake of looking away for a few minutes.
When I looked back, there was a mystery car part on the garage floor she must have removed. I have no idea what it is, or where it goes – but the mouse seems to be gone!
It will no doubt be replaced by another.. and Chloe will no doubt be delighted to help again. She’s so enthusiastic about auto repair that getting her through the parking lot at Lowe’s can be a problem. She wants to check every single car for mice!

Curious Chloe wants to know: Do you now, or did you ever have mice? Do you scream and jump on a chair like a cartoon lady, or try to catch them and keep them for pets? 
What does this have to do with writing romance novels? Nothing! In fact, Chloe is a constant distraction from my writing, but I was very good today. I’m halfway through my editor’s edits on Cowboy Summer, and I’ve tackled all the tough ones successfully.
Soon I’ll be able to get to work on my Christmas book again, but I was momentarily distracted by a side project. I suspect every romance writer has a secret project in some other genre hidden away somewhere. For me, writing something different helps keep the romance writing fresh, but I have to be careful not to get carried away. I have romance contracts and deadlines to meet, and other books are just for fun!