Maximum Hammock Time

                                                                                                                                                        Stillwater Diary, August 27, 2018
My husband sent me this photo today, with the headline “Bear Attacks Woman in Hammock.”
I was alarmed at first. That hammock looks a lot like ours, and that woman looks a lot like me–and hey, wait, it is me! I’m in our new hammock, trying to relax, and Jesse has decided to join me.
I knew this had happened. I knew Scrape had taken the picture. But I tend to forget how large and bearlike my dog is!
Although it doesn’t work well for large bearlike dogs, the hammock is the best thing EVER. My days are now organized on a new principle–everything is geared toward getting Maximum Hammock Time. With a good book, a pleasant breeze, the tall Ponderosas swaying above me and the creek burbling nearby – it’s heaven. 
And Jesse has learned to relax nearby, although he sighs deeply and often. 


And now, for your entertainment, here’s what happens when real bears attack a hammock: