Trouble Strikes Again!

The re-issue of “Cowboy Trouble” will be released on March 26th – that’s today!

If you’re looking for it, check out the mass market “tower” display, smack dab in the middle of your local Barnes & Noble, wherever that might be. I worked for B&N for years, so this makes me very happy! I shelved that display dozens of times, and I love knowing other booksellers are putting my books in those slots!

The new cover for Cowboy Trouble. There’s also a letter to readers, plus a few editorial changes.

“Cowboy Trouble” was my first book, and is still one of my favorites. I’m so glad Sourcebooks decided to give it a new cover and allowed me to go through it and edit it one more time. I rarely read my books once they’re published, because I always see mistakes and I’m helpless to fix them.

Well, I wasn’t helpless this time! I was able to smooth out the story and fix a few rookie-writer mistakes. You’ll also find a note of appreciation to all you readers, with some thoughts on what the book is really all about.

It’s been a long road from Cowboy Trouble to Cowboy Summer!

It was so much fun to read “Cowboy Trouble” again after ten years. I wrote it when I was falling hopelessly in love with both my husband and the state of Wyoming, so it’s a love letter to both, with a little bit of murder and mayhem thrown in to balance out the steamy love scenes!

My husband and I loved to explore old abandoned buildings when we were first getting to know each other.

Thank you in advance to anyone who spreads the word and helps make the reissue a success! And thank you, thank you, thank you to all the readers who have been with me all along. Ten books later, I still get to write about cowboys every day, and you’re the ones who have made that possible!

The original cover for Cowboy Trouble, circa 2010.

And hey, maybe your original copies with the old covers are collectors’ items now! I still love the old cover, but the new guy is pretty studly. What do you think? Which one do you like best?

And don’t forget… June 25th is the release date for Cowboy Summer, a brand-new story where you’ll meet horse trainer Cade Walker and his high school sweetheart Jess. Their romance was derailed when she chose city sophistication over country simplicity, but now she’s back in town to stop her dad from selling the ranch. Turns out there’s a lot to love about her old hometown… the ranch, her old horse, and maybe, just maybe, a certain handsome cowboy!

I have to admit, this might be the best cover yet! I love that truck – and do you notice a resemblance to a certain movie star?