Red Boot Women

Good Morning!

I’m guest blogging over at Fresh Fiction this morning. It’s always fun to think of topics for these guest posts; they encourage me to really think about what I’m trying to say with my stories. There are certain themes that come up over and over.

One of these, of course, is romance itself. When I first started writing novels, I made a sign to hang over my desk that said, “Love is a risk worth taking.” I’d just learned that in my own life when I met my husband after swearing off men forever! Like the women in my books, I was able to open my heart to the right person, and it changed my life. I learned that love isn’t about needing another person to be whole; it’s about finding a person who loves you as you are and helps you be your best self.

Another theme that comes up in my books is starting over. I know a lot of women who moved West to recreate their lives. It’s still the new frontier for so many people; there’s something welcoming and inspiring about our big skies and wide-open spaces. That’s what today’s post is about.

Have you ever started over? Are you glad you did? Stop by the post (here) and comment. I’ll be picking one commenter on the post to win a copy of Cowboy Trouble!

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