Discovery Day Signing

Tomorrow – Friday, November 22 – is Discovery Day at Barnes & Noble Cheyenne. A portion of anything you buy, including purchases in the Cafe, will benefit the Children’s Village at Cheyenne’s Botanic Gardens. (Be sure to tell your cashier you want your purchase to go toward the Village – that’s very important!) Staff from the Gardens will […]

Price Wars

The price war between Amazon and Wal-Mart is heating up. Maybe the two retail behemoths will battle to the death as they bleed from the bookshelves by selling the season’s most popular hardcovers at a loss. More likely, they’ll both be winners, since the publicity surrounding the battle has hit every major media outlet from […]

The Tiny Teacup

M. is our scaled-down Wyoming version of the Psychic Friends Network. She may be only one friend, but she’s definitely tuned in to the cosmic network far more effectively than Miss Cleo.