Buffalo Bound

As it turned out, plunging into the storm wasn’t a disaster after all. Once we passed Casper, the wind died down and we could appreciate the winter landscape. The seven-hour drive to Billings is a trip we make often, so it was nice to have some scenic variety.

We stuck to the highway until I started fussing about getting photos for the blog. Scrape got tired of listening to my whining and took the Powder River Road exit, then turned onto a dirt road, which was marked “private.” Just in case tourists disregarded the sign, the owner posted some helpful instructions, advising us to “Keep Right.” The arrow points into a ditch.

We opted to “keep left” instead.

Finally, the sky turned clear and blue, the snow stopped, and the sun came out to light the tumbled rocks by the TTT Ranch gate.

People say Wyoming has two seasons: winter, and road construction. That’s pretty accurate, but it’s never dull–and always beautiful.