Release Day!

Today is the day! Shane and Lindsey are free at last, released into the bookstores, the e-readers, and the minds of readers to live out their story like they’re supposed to: in your imaginations, not mine!

So head on over to your local bookstore, hook up your nooks and your Kindles, and get yourself a copy. I’m proud of this one, and I can’t wait for you to read it.

I really think you’ll enjoy it. For one thing, Shane is the oldest of the Decker Ranch cowboys, and to my mind, he’s the sexiest. With dark eyes and an angular face, he has a touch-me-not expression–but the rest of him is nothing but temptation for Lindsey Ward, and for pretty much any woman who crosses his path.

But Shane’s not interested in Lindsey or anyone else. Disappointment in love has made him a hard, bitter man. Still,, Lindsey knows there’s a soft heart beneath that tanned skin; she sees it whenever he talks to his six-year-old son, Cody. And years ago, she saw it up close.

It was dark, she was upset, and he was more than willing to let her cry on his shoulder. It didn’t take long for the kissing to start; she’d been hot for him half her life, and he’d been watching her. But she fled the scene, ashamed. She was engaged at the time, and a good girl doesn’t kiss strangers while her fiancé is back at the house, even if he’s making a mess of her life by alienating the people she loves most in the world. Even though, at that moment, she knew she’d made a terrible mistake choosing her man, and wanted comfort in the worst way, she shouldn’t have found it in the arms of her granddad’s foreman.

Even if he looks like this:

How do you like this cover? I think it's the best yet!
How do you like this cover? I think it’s the best yet!

It’s not a very promising start for a romance, is it? Shane and Lindsey have a lot to work through, and their relationship gets even more complicated after Lindsey’s grandfather’s will is read. She inherits everything–the ranch, the land, even the foreman! And her Grandpa Bud, who didn’t speak to her after she married that fiancé against his advice, apparently trusted her to care for his wife, the sweet, spunky, and somewhat dotty Alice.

For Lindsey, the news is thrilling and frightening all at once. She has a busy veterinary clinic to take care of back East, but how can she leave the Lazy Q? She’d sure like to run away, because Shane’s no longer just a guilty secret from her past; he’s her employee, and the man she has to rely on to run the ranch. She might be a vet, but she never was good with cattle. The truth is, she’s a little afraid of them.

Now, who could be scared of these guys?
Now, who could be scared of these guys?

Then, trouble comes–a claimant to Lindsey’s legacy who’s willing to blackmail her to get a share of the spoils. Now she has another secret, and this one’s a doozy. If only there was someone she could trust–someone like Shane…

But the blackmailer knows things about her beloved grandfather she’ll never tell anyone, so she bears the secret alone–even when Shane misunderstands her motives and accuses her of selling the ranch so she can buy more fancy clothes.

Now he really flashes her those dark-eyes looks, but there’s something else behind those eyes–a warmth she never expected to see again.

Speaking of warmth, is it getting hot in here?

Nope, that’s just the five copies of How to Wrangle a Cowboy on the desk, emanating heat.

All joking aside, I hope you enjoy reading this one as much as I loved writing it. I’m sad to leave the Decker Ranch cowboys behind, but don’t worry; although the formal series may be over, I’ll be revisiting Wynott, Wyoming and its residents–as well as Ridge, Brady, and Shane–in new books yet to come.


P.S. It’s a nice fat romance too – 475 pages! But I’m willing to bet you’ll finish it before you want to. It’s always hard to leave Wyoming, and harder yet to leave a sexy cowboy behind.

A question for you: do you like thick books? Or do you prefer quick, novella-type reads?