Best of the Month!


Excuse me for squealing, but I am so excited. How to Wrangle a Cowboy was chosen as an Amazon Best Book of the Month in the Romance category.

Great cover, great title - and a great author, too!
Great cover, great title – and a great author, too!

That puts me in the fine company of Debbie Macomber (A Girl’s Guide to Moving On), Eloisa James (My American Duchess), and

A wonderful writer, one of the best - and a Shakespearean scholar, too!
A wonderful writer, one of the best – and a Shakespearean scholar, too!

Cindy Gerard (Taking Fire, a One-Eyed Jacks novel), among others. I got to hang out with Cindy Gerard once, at a Rom Com convention, and I heard Eloisa James speak at an RWA meeting. But I’ve never met Debbie Macomber. Maybe I’ll have to go to RWA this year, and trot around after her until we get to talk.

But the list of authors I’m tempted to stalk gets longer every year. Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Janet Evanovich, Kristan Higgins, Jodi Thomas, Linda Lael Miller, Catherine Anderson… and of course my very favorite writer to pal around with at RWA, Carolyn Brown, who just published her 75th book. 75 books! Can you imagine? It’ll take me years to catch up!

75 Books and Counting!
75 Books and Counting!

Anyway, I’m getting off course again. I started writing this post to thank some of the people who helped me along the way. People like Linda Lael Miller, who generously gave me a quote for my very first book. Like Jodi Thomas, who was kind enough to read Cowboy Fever and called me to tell me how much she liked it! (I almost swallowed my cell phone, I was so stunned.)

But most important are the readers and reviewers–the people who buy and read my books, and the ones who bring readers and books together with their recommendations. It’s your support that keeps me writing, and I think of you, all of you, as I reread and edit, wondering what you’d like, striving to build a cowboy as real as the chair I sit in, but still dreamy, sweet and sexy enough to make your hearts flutter–as well as a heroine I hope you’ll see yourselves in, at least a little bit. Because you’re all heroines in my world, and every one of you deserves a love that lasts a lifetime.

Amazon Best Books of the Month