Good Wranglin’!

I was thrilled when my friend and fellow writer Amelia Cabot alerted me to the latest edition of Romantic Times, which includes the first review for How to Wrangle a Cowboy.

My reviews in RT have been good, bad, and indifferent, so I just about jumped out of my skin when I realized it was the first review in Contemporary Romance, with a 4.5-star rating, and a big TOP PICK! beside the title.

I know a lot of romance fans use RT to choose their romances for the upcoming months, so that gives Shane and Lindsey a big head start on winning the hearts of readers. It’s also another big item scratched off my bucket list!

Here’s the review:

“Fall in love as the characters do in this wonderfully written story set around hard work and peaceful living. The passion for ranch life, animals and love show in these feisty characters with temperamental attitudes — and the long days on the ranch turn into even longer nights. Sparks fly and attitudes attack as this dynamic duo long for each other. A swoon-worthy cowboy, fun flirtation, blazing passion and a sweet little boy will have readers wanting to wrangle their very own cowboy.”

The reviewer also did a great job summarizing the story:

“Veterinarian Lindsey Ward is baffled when her grandfather leaves his ranch to her after his death. Lindsey debates whether to sell the ranch to pay off her veterinarian clinic debts following the divorce from her jerk ex-husband. Shane Lockhart is a live-in ranch hand on the ranch Lindsey just inherited. Having known Lindsey from childhood and thinking she is the same girl from years ago, he automatically jumps to conclusions, especially when he becomes aware of her plans to sell his job and home out from under him and his son. He realizes he has to change her mind to keep stability for his son, a roof over their head and fulfill the legacy of the Lazy Q Ranch. Can a hardworking ranch hand persuade a hardheaded suburban girl that ranch life isn’t so bad?”

HT Wrangle

I owe a great big thank you to Becca Prater, who wrote the review. I don’t know her, but I’m so glad Lindsey and Shane and the world they live in.

Thanks, Becca!