Lather, Rinse, Repeat

I have a lot of experience with rejection. You’d think that would be a bad thing, but it’s actually a triumph. I’m proud of my rejections in the same way a warrior is proud of his scars, but with one important difference: every painful scar brings the warrior closer to the end of his career […]

The Hard Part

I finished my revisions. I finished them a day early. I should be excited, happy, proud—right? I’ve gone through my editor’s checklist, and I’ve addressed every issue, and addressed them well. I reread the whole thing today, and I was actually impressed with what I’ve accomplished. I thought the book was the best it could […]


I can’t imagine writing without a computer. In fact, I’m not sure I’d be a writer if some genius hadn’t invented the word processor. Being able to cut and paste and move things around is essential to the way I work. For better or for worse, I live and die by Microsoft Word. But the […]

Horse Crazy

When you write contemporary fiction, you have to get your facts right. If you mess up some minor detail, it can jolt a knowledgeable reader right out of the story and into an outraged sense that the author is a clueless idiot, so it’s important to live the experiences of your characters, to inhabit their […]

The Call

I’m floating on a ridiculous pink cloud of euphoria, with forest animals dancing some ridiculous Walt Disney dance in adorable unison to a serenading all-animal oompah band in a sunshiney meadow.

About Me

About five years ago, I embarked on a writing career as part of my burgeoning midlife crisis. Since then, I’ve published two contemporary Western romances, Cowboy Trouble and One Fine Cowboy. In 2011, I’ll be releasing two more books – Cowboy Fever in April, and Tall Dark & Cowboy in the fall. Ernest Hemingway once said […]