Don’t Fear the Editor

Now I know why it’s so hard to get published.

Agents and editors aren’t just looking for talented writers. They’re looking for talented writers who can deal with pressure. A lot of pressure.

I’m thrilled to be heading toward publication, but finishing revisions with a deadline is a challenge.

I was nearly done with my second contracted novel. I was about three days away from finishing it. I’d been struggling with the ending, but I had a drop-dead super-epiphany that solved all my problems, and I couldn’t wait to get it pounded into the computer.

And then I got the call. Time to revise the first book. A lot.

Turn around. Shift gears. Plunge right back into the book you thought was done. Write a bunch of new scenes. Cut down some old ones to make the new ones fit. Then smooth the whole thing out so the cracks don’t show.

There. Done. Okay, you can go back to the other book now.
What was that one about again?!?!

It”s hard to write query letters. It’s even harder to write a synopsis. It’s hard to deal with the waiting, the rejections, the frustration, and the heartbreak.

But if you want this job enough to make it through all that, you can probably deal with the rest of it.

(But be prepared. You have to make some pretty tough sacrifices along the way. For example, Blue Oyster Cult is playing a free concert within walking distance of my house. I can hear it from where I’m working.
But I’m not going. I don’t fear the reaper–I fear my editor!)