Meet Allison Brennan!

I’ve notice over the years that the most talented, successful writers are always the ones who are most willing to help you.

Maybe it’s because writing well requires sympathy, empathy and a sort of generosity of spirit. Or maybe it’s because success and fulfillment makes them happy and they want to pass it on. In any case, people like Nora Roberts, Linda Lael Miller, Jodi Thomas, and Allison Brennan are always willing to pass on the secrets to their success.

Allison Brennan was always one of my favorite examples of this kind of generosity. Back when I was starting out, I spent a lot of time on Romance Writers of America’s “craft loop,” where newbie novelists could hash out their writing issues with the help of more experienced writers. Allison was already a bestselling author at that time, but she was always there to answer questions for  people she didn’t even know.

And she’s still like that. I interviewed her for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers “Chiseled in Rock” blog today. I had lots of questions for her, and told he she could pick and choose which ones she wanted to answer – but she answered them all.

So if you want to know what crime shows a number-one crime writer likes to watch on TV, or how a woman with five kids manages to write one bestseller after another, stop by the Chiseled in Rock blog this morning and read the interview. She’ll be stopping by to answer questions posted by readers, and one lucky commenter will win a copy of the first Lucy Kincaid book, Kiss Me Kill Me.