Today’s the Day!

Blue Sky Cowboy Christmas is now available both online and in stores. It’s my first Christmas book, and one I’m very proud of. Here’s the cover:

And here’s a little summary of the plot – one that’s a little more detailed than you’ll find elsewhere:

Weary from a long deployment, Griff Bailey seeks sanctuary at his father’s ranch. With his family away, he hopes for some healing solitude, so he’s stunned to find Riley James living there. Riley was the woman he turned to on his last night home, and she’s been on his mind—and in his heart—for years.

A former addict, Riley found redemption in a program that teaches women carpentry, and she’s living at the ranch while she works on the house. She’s cautious around Griff, who seems angry and broken, but relaxes as he settles into the cowboy life he once longed to escape, finding peace in the predictable chores he used to hate, and solace in the horses.

Riley always longed for a cowboy and finds Griff irresistible. She knows they don’t have a future because everyone in town knows about her past, but comforting him after his nightmares leads her to his bed, where they both give in to desire.

Riley believes she doesn’t deserve love because of the mistakes she’s made, but Griff knows how much strength it took for her to conquer her demons. That strength is the reason she’s able to help him fight his own, and he can’t let her go. On Christmas day, he presents her with a ring.

Riley’s sure saying no to Griff will be the bravest thing she’s ever done—but Griff hopes she can find the courage to forgive herself for the past and accept a future she’s truly earned.

As you can see, this pair has serious issues – but I promise you, there’s plenty of fun in this one, and plenty of sizzle, too. I can’t wait for you to read it! Here are some purchasing links: