Romancing the Book!

How to Kiss a Cowboy continues to please readers and reviewers, and I couldn’t be happier! My most recent review is from Romancing the Book, and I was so glad to hear how much the reviewer liked the heroine, Suze. She said,

“Kennedy creates a world you want to be a part of… Suze could totally be my new best friend and I would help her decorate the farm house!”

Aubrey, Suze says you can come on over and help her decorate the farmhouse anytime! She’s not much better at interior decorating than she is at fashion, so she could use your help. Maybe we need to start a Pinterest board, and then everyone could pitch in!

That’s actually something I’d love to do, but writing and promoting my books is taking up all my available time these days. I wish I had more time to interact with readers, but I want to offer the best stories I can, and for me, that means spending a lot of hours at the keyboard.

Not that that’s a hardship. As you can see, I have many willing assistants to help me.

We Are FamilyJesse (mastiff mix), Chloe (Jack Russell terrier) and Earl (tabby cat), ready to offer editorial advice or go outside and play fetch – whichever comes first!

Aubrey goes on to say,

“The little bit of mystery and intrigue was pretty neat to have intermittently with the regular contemporary romance. I liked the plot twists and found the story as whole to be interesting and something that I would read again. Kennedy totally writes a story that stays with you once you finish the book.  I can’t wait to read the 3rd book in the series. The entire premise of the series is fun and unique.

Anyone that loves Linda Lael Miller would definitely appreciate this series. The two have many similarities but both definitely have a distinct voice.”

I couldn’t be more flattered. Any comparison to the queen of Western romance is very much appreciated, but hers is a standard I still work to attain. I was lucky enough to meet Linda at the beginning of my career, and her advice and her generous cover quote for Cowboy Trouble helped get me started. I’ll always be grateful to her, and to all my readers and the reviewers who help them discover my books.