Cowboy Summer Will Warm You Up!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Cowgirls and Cowboys, we have a cover!

I’m excited to introduce Cade (and his persnickety pickup) from Cowboy Summer in all his cowboy glory.

Here’s a little summary for you:


Someone is sabotaging the Diamond Jack Ranch, and Jess Bailey is the prime suspect.

On her mother’s insistence, she traded her cowboy boots and Wranglers for high heels and city suits, but when her father asks her to help him sell the ranch, she races home, hoping to stop the sale. Unfortunately, she seems to bring bad luck on her return. The porch roof collapses, the well water’s tainted, and a baby calf who’s anything but toilet-trained turns up everywhere he shouldn’t be.

The only person who believes in her is a man she vowed she’d never trust again.

Cade Walker and Jess were high school sweethearts, but when she left for the city, he answered her betrayal with one of his own—by marrying the picture-perfect rodeo queen who made her life a misery. The ill-fated marriage ended in a matter of months, but he’s earned Jess’s permanent distrust.

Now, he finds himself distrusting her when the trail of mischief seems to lead straight to her door. 

They need to work together to prove Jess’s innocence and save the Diamond Jack, but with suspicion as thick on the ground as sagebrush and prickly pear, it’s hard for them to find the facts—and the love they left behind.


I love this book, and hope you will, too. All my characters are very real to me, but some are so present that I wouldn’t be surprised to meet them on a sidewalk in Cheyenne. Nate and Charlie from One Fine Cowboy were like that. So were Cat and Mack from Cowboy Tough and Brady and Suze from How to Kiss a Cowboy. Now Jess and Cade have joined them. I love these two, and their story combines a little humor and a lot of love, plus just enough heat between the sheets to keep things interesting!

It should be available for pre-order on most websites tomorrow or Wednesday. Pre-orders help my books hit the bestseller lists, and I’d love to see that happen – so make that cowboy your own!