Cover Reveal!

It’s time for some exciting news on my next two books!

First, I can finally reveal the final cover of How to Kiss a Cowboy, the second book in the Cowboys of Decker Ranch trilogy.

How to Kiss a Cowboy will be released in February 2015. I’m really excited about this cover, because this is Brady Caine, just as I pictured him when I was writing the book. He’s a hottie, as you can see. He’s also trouble–at least for barrel racer Suze Carlyle.

Here’s the plot in a nutshell:


She’s everything he ever wanted…

Brady Caine is a hell-raising bronc buster whose life is all about buckles, babes and beer. But the woman he admires most is plain-Jane cowgirl Suze Carlyle—a quiet loner who’s galloping to the top of the barrel racing standings.

But he’s taken away everything she cares about.

Suze is convinced Brady’s way out of her league, but when a photo shoot for a Western-wear company brings them together, sparks fly. Brady’s mind is on romance, not riding, and it only takes an instant for a roping stunt to go wrong, taking away everything Suze has worked for in one heart-stopping instant.

He’s the last man she’ll ask for help.

Suze never wants to see Brady again. She doesn’t know how she’ll manage to run her little ranch while recovering from her injuries, but with the help of the foster kids from Phoenix House, she’ll find a way.

But this is one cowboy who won’t take no for an answer.

Brady swears he won’t leave Suze’s side until she’s back in the saddle, winning just like she did before the accident. Maybe, somewhere along the way, he can win her heart, too. But it won’t be easy, since he’s the one man in the world she never wants to see again.

I can’t wait for Suze and Brady’s story to come out. They’ve been hanging around in my brain for a long, long time, waiting for me to find their story so they can come hang out in yours!

I have the cover for How to Wrangle a Cowboy, too. But I don’t want to cause a heatwave all across the mountain West, so I’ll save that one for tomorrow.

Be sure to stop by – I think the cowboy on the third book is the hottest one yet!