The Bucket List

Over the years, I’ve checked off many items on my bucket list – some thanks to my parents, some to generous friends, but most because of my generous husband. Years ago, he made me a bingo card. Instead of having numbers, the squares were filled with things I wanted to do: fly in a helicopter, ride an elephant, write a book. He’s done his best to make sure I got the chance to win that bingo game a couple times over!

The book-writing led to many other adventures, and a whole new bingo card. I’ve checked off lots of new adventures; I’ve met Nora Roberts, gone to the Romance Writers of America conference, and sold thousands of books – something I never expected. But one thing I’ve never been able to check off the list is this: I wanted to get a rave review from Publisher’s Weekly.

With the publication of How to Kiss a Cowboy, that wish finally came true. Here are some excerpts from their recent review of Brady and Suze’s story:

“The rough-and-tumble world of the Wyoming rodeo circuit is brought vividly to life in Kennedy’s memorable second Cowboys of Decker Ranch contemporary… Kennedy imbues the setting with intense realism, and readers will love her intensely complex characters and depictions of deep emotion.”

Back when I was a buyer for an independent bookstore, the reviews in Publisher’s Weekly were one of the tools I used to make buying decisions, so I know what a difference their opinion can make. I’m happy to be able to check that one off my list, and I’m hoping I can do it again with the next book in the Cowboys of Decker Ranch series.

But I still haven’t ridden an elephant.