Sasquatch Dreams

Funniest dream ever…

I dreamed I was at a writing conference, pitching a book about a search for Bigfoot. The main character was a woman scientist involved in the hunt. In the dream, I told an editor about it, and she got really excited, saying the love scenes would be fabulous. I asked her which love scenes she meant, and she said, “well, you know – when she realizes that Bigfoot is what she’s been looking for – in more ways than one…””

I said no, the romantic lead wasn’t Bigfoot, and she said, “Oh, no, it has to be. After all, what could be more masculine than those big, brawny arms?”

I said that I didn’t think that would work because Bigfoot’s basically a giant monkey, and she told me, “I think you’re missing a great opportunity here to really transform the genre.””

Then she said,  “This is great. I really enjoy books that don’t involve the supernatural.” I couldn’t respond for a minute, then finally said,  “Um, you know Bigfoot isn’t real, right?””

She said, “What!?!?!””

At the point where the dream ended, I was back in my room struggling to write a scene where Bigfoot rescues the heroine from her evil scientist/partner, and they…ewwwww.