Party Time!

Last night, I had my launch party for Cowboy Trouble. Thanks to all my friends and family, it was an absolutely wonderful night!

We started at Barnes & Noble, where I gave a (mercifully) brief talk, then signed books for an hour and a half straight! Almost everyone we invited showed up, plus lots of new people. We sold out!

I’m still recovering, so I’m just going to post some pictures here, with captions — the lazy way to blog!

This is our Community Relations Manager, Linda, pinning on a corsage they got for me. We’re going steady now! Thanks, Linda!

Honestly, there really were people there! They just didn’t want to sit in the front row!

Scrape, looking strikingly like the cover model in his blue shirt…

The Cowboy Trouble cake! There was another one at the afterparty, with Bring On the Hunky Cowboys written on it. Yum.

Scrape, giving a mildly embarrassing but very funny speech. The afterparty was terrific, with a full house of friends to help us celebrate and Todd Dereemer providing music all night long. For more on Todd and his music, click here:

The afterparty was upstairs at Uncle Charlie’s. They did a nice job with the food, and Dawn, our bartender, kept us very happy! She did a great job, especially considering that we had a lot more people than we told them to expect!

Thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate!