Library Journal on Cowboy Fever:

I just love this new cover. This is definitely Teague Treadwell, just as I pictured him.

Library Journal just reviewedCowboy Fever,” which is back in stores with a stunning new cover. Here’s a quote:

“VERDICT: Fans of Carolyn Brown and Lori Wilde will need to hold on to their hats as they navigate the exciting twists of this Western sizzler.”

I’m so honored to be in the company of two of my favorite authors!

Both Carolyn Brown and Lori Wilde write rollicking romances with a whole lot of heart, which is what I aspire to do. Carolyn has been a dear friend and mentor for my entire career, ever since she stepped in and helped a very overwhelmed new writer! I met Lori early on at a conference just before my first book came out. Despite my fangirl shyness, she was friendly and encouraging.

The first cover. I like the action in this one, but I think he’s wearing a girl’s hat!

Here’s the “letter to readers” I wrote for the reissue:

Dear Reader:

Like most romances, this is a book about love. But it’s also a book about expectations, acceptance, and what really matters in life. Weighty topics, I know, but I promise it’s still a wild ride, with a hot romance, a twisty mystery, and one very appealing cowboy at its heart.

Many of the people and events in this book were inspired by a summer I spent volunteering at an equestrian therapy program in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The clients there deal with autism and other challenges, but they face  the world with courage every day and find joy in unexpected places.

They taught me how much our attitude matters, along with our connection to others. A brief flash of shared joy can be more precious than gold, because it can’t be spent or wasted, and its glow never fades. They ask nothing of us but our hearts, and offer their own in return.

I hope you’ll remember that message long after you’ve finished the book! We waste so much of our lives chasing a false notion of success. The truth is, life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, and the people who really matter gladly accept us as we are.

So enjoy the ride every day, with all its ups and downs, near-misses and full-on disasters. It might not be pretty, but it’s yours.