Cheyenne Fiction Festival!

On Saturday, September 18th (that’s tomorrow!) I’ll be joining three other local authors to present workshops on writing at Barnes & Noble Cheyenne.

Western writer John Nesbitt, along with my frieds Tina Forkner and Amanda Cabot, will be discussing novel writing from Chapter One to The End.  Here’s the schedule:

Saturday, September 18th, 10:00 – 3:00

10:00 — John Nesbitt – “The Plan”

11:00 — Joanne Kennedy– “Getting Started”

12:00 — Tina Ann Forkner – “Creating a Writing Community”

1:00 –  Amanda Cabot — “Like Fine Champagne: The Art of Sparkling Dialogue”

2:00 – Discussion Panel: Writing & Publishing (Nesbitt, Forkner, Cabot, and Kennedy)

3:00 — Amanda Cabot – “Surviving Rejection and Other Detours on the Writer’s Path to Success”

Whether you’re an accomplished writer, a reader, or someone who’s always fantasized about writing a novel, there will be lots of information to help you get started and improve your craft. See you there!