Cowboy Summer is here!

Cowboy Summer is here! Here’s a quick synopsis and some links for you. You’ll also find it at Barnes & Noble and other bookstores, as well as WalMart.

Jess Bailey is a Cowgirl with a capital C.

She’s always laughed off the inevitable bumps and bruises of ranch life, but after her mother abandoned the family for city life, Jess kicked off her cowboy boots and left country life—and a life-long love affair with the boy next door—behind.

Now, she’s back at the Diamond Jack for the last time, helping her father sell the her childhood home.

But when the porch roof collapses, the well water goes bad, and a baby calf who’s anything but toilet-trained turns up everywhere he shouldn’t be, everyone’s sure she’s trying to stop the sale.

Cade Walker believes in Jess.

But when she left him, he answered her betrayal with one of his own by marrying a picture-perfect rodeo queen who bullied her all her life. The marriage ended in a matter of months, but Jess doesn’t know who he is anymore.

With suspicion as thick on the ground as sagebrush and prickly pear, it’s hard for Jess and Cade to find the facts—and the love they left behind.

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