Ten Simple Rules

 November is always a busy month. There’s Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations to get done, and the bookstore is always busy. Now I’ve gone and tossed another task into the mix: I have revisions due on my second book on November 30th, and corrections to Cowboy Trouble are due by November 25th.

That’s what I get for always saying yes!

But it’s worth it. I made several resolutions when I sold my first book, and being easy to work with was one of them. Here are a few more:

*Embrace your inner hack. Don’t get caught up in being an artiste; just have fun and write what you love.

*Always try to do more for others than they do for you.

*Don’t get too full of yourself once you’re published. You got lucky! There are lots of equally talented writers still mired in the struggle.

*Listen to constructive criticism. Remember editors and agents are professionals with more experience than you. They know what works and what doesn’t.

*Conversely, don’t rush to implement every change someone suggests. Follow your instincts and do what’s right for your story and your characters.

*Choose your battles. Sometimes you have to compromise.

*Don’t just make your deadlines; stay ahead of them. Life is much less stressful that way.

*Don’t promise more than you can realistically accomplish.

*Don’t wait for inspiration to strike. Write every day–even if you don’t feel like it.

*Enjoy the process. Getting published and selling books is great, but writing is what matters.