On Tour

Book promotion has changed.

Writers used to have to travel the country, schlepping from bookstore to bookstore for an endless round of book signings and readings. It gave you an opportunity to meet your readers face to face, and helped cement all-important relationships with booksellers, too.

But the traditional book tour, being time-consuming and expensive, is reserved for the privileged few these days. I know from hosting signings at our B&N that it’s not easy to get a substantial turnout for a writer who isn’t already famous. So, while I will be signing at various Barnes & Noble stores in Colorado, Montana and (of course) Wyoming, most of my promotional effort is going into a blog tour.

My publicist set up my virtual tour just like a “real” book tour. I know where I have to be and when, and I’m busy composing posts that hopefully suit the audiences of the various blogs that have offered to host.

I love all the old-timey trappings of publishing, from cranky old Underwood typewriters to traditional book tours. But just as my laptop has outpaced the Underwood, the virtual tour will allow me to meet hundreds, even thousands of readers from the comfort of my office–and that convenience allows me to continue work on the new book as I promote the old one.

Sometimes it’s hard to say if multitasking is a curse or a blessing, but since I’m promoting book one, editing book two, and writing book three, I’m happy to stay close to my office and visit readers over the internet.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting links to guest blogs rather than posting here. Please stop by, and check out the generous romance gurus who are giving me a chance to introduce Cowboy Trouble to their readers!

First stop: The Sourcebooks Casablanca blog, where I’ll be discussing my bizarre tween crush on Jacques Cousteau!