Summarizing “Inception” in a blog post is like trying to distill Finnegan’s Wake into a short story.

Up in the Air

We went to see “Up in the Air” tonight. George Clooney is still hot. But the story? Not so much.  (***SPOILER ALERT***) There’s a scene where George Clooney’s character is called on to counsel his sister’s groom-to-be, who’s suffering from cold feet at his wedding. Clooney’s character is hardly the person you’d pick for the job; […]

The End of the World

The End of the World as John Cusack Knows It Scrape and I went to see 2012 tonight. I’d seen the reviews, so I knew the dialogue would be stilted, the scenarios absurd, and the acting less than Oscar quality–but I also knew the special effects would be tons of fun. No disappointment there. Tsunamis! Massive earthquakes! […]

Twilight Tonight

I worry that we’re teaching another generation of young women that love is tragic and painful, and that inappropriate men are the tastiest kind of forbidden fruit.