Oh, That Smile…

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This little dog has the best, brightest smile around! 

Every day, she reminds me to get outside and enjoy the simple pleasures, like watching the progress of the seasons, walking through sunny slopes dappled with wildflowers, and playing fetch with a good dog. 

Chloe smiles

When we first got Chloe from Black Dog Animal Rescue, she was  handful. She was afraid of strangers and would bark and growl at company. She was an embarrassment on walks, snarling and flying into a rage at the sight of other dogs.  

I hired a trainer, but I couldn’t seem to implement the trainer’s instructions; Chloe just wouldn’t listen to me. But Scrape took what he’d learned from the trainer and what he’d learned from watching Chloe and made a concerted effort to train her. 

Now, he takes her everywhere. At stores that allow dogs, she’ll follow him nicely, even off lead – even when other dogs are present. She’ll even listen to me! 

Winter Walk Jan 2015 052

She seemed to need someone with a level temperament (that’s not me!) who would give her consistent direction and the confidence she was doing the right thing. I think that’s why she loves playing fetch. She knows she’s good at it, and knows she’s pleasing us. 

She’s turned into a truly great dog, thanks to his patience and love. Best of all, she’s still smiling!

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