It’s Giveaway Time!

Here’s the deal: Tell me what you like best in cowboy romance covers. Express your opinion in the comments below, or hop over to my Facebook page.

Here’s the main question: Do you prefer the new cover or the original one? (See covers below)

Also, I’d love to hear your opinions on romance covers in general.

*** Do you prefer covers with shirtless cowboys or cowboys wearing actual clothes?

*** Do you like your cowboys headless, or do you prefer covers that show the whole cowboy?

*** Feel free to editorialize – let me know what you like and why!

I choose winners at random, so you’re only required to choose a cover to enter. Since I haven’t had a contest in a while, I’ll be picking quite a few winners!

The new cover!

Above is the new cover for the re-release of “Tall, Dark & Cowboy.” I really love this one! However, the old edition was one of my best-selling books. While I prefer covers that show realistic cowboys at work (and real cowboys generally keep their shirts on), this one certainly seemed to strike a chord with readers. I can’t imagine why!

The old edition.

I’m divided on the issue of headless cover models, too. When the face isn’t shown, you get to picture the character yourself, and I love the collaboration formed when readers and authors create worlds together.

However, a torso doesn’t tell you much (although sometimes, it’s all you need to know – wink, wink!). I always worry prospective readers will expect more “heat” than my books really offer when there’s just a naked chest on the cover. While I try to spice things up a bit, the story is always the main thing. Heroines are important, too – but that’s a whole ‘nother issue.

Let me know your opinion here, or on my Facebook page at Joanne Kennedy Books. You can vote on all the questions or just pick the cover you like best. And you can just say “old cover” or “shirtless,” or you can explain your opinion – because I really do love hearing what you think, and so does my publisher!

Thanks for playing!

(Note: I don’t have copies of the new edition of TD&C yet, so winners will get to choose an older book. I have most of them available!)

Happy all day long!