Gone With the Dogs

It’s a challenge to tackle the keyboard after working all day–but sitting down and making the effort is half the battle.

Unfortunately, that’s the only part of the battle I won tonight.

I had a brilliant idea for my book while I was working. I couldn’t wait to get tapping away at the keyboard, so I stopped and picked up a rotisserie chicken at Albertson’s on the way home so I could have a quick, easy dinner.  

The minute I arrived home, I accidentally dropped the whole chicken, container and all, directly on my dog Libby–so I had Jack Russell Terrier a la King zipping all over the house, skidding along the carpet and rolling on the furniture to wipe off the chicken grease while my other dog chased after her because she suddenly smelled like a really tasty snack. JRTs are fast, so she did a lot of damage before I managed to catch her.

Between me and my helpful canine assistant, we finally got her all cleaned up. Then I had to clean the carpet, the floor, and the upholstery. 

The brilliant idea for my work-in-progress? Gone!