Cowboy REALLY Tough!

I’m pleased to announce that the audio version of Cowboy Tough is now available! The reader, Karyn O’Bryant, does an absolutely wonderful job bringing the story alive. I especially love the way she does the different voices! I love it when audiobook readers really get into playing the different parts in dialogue.

My husband’s Facebook posts on the new audiobook cover are so funny, I’m just going to reproduce them in full. My comments are in yellow:

First, he changed his profile picture to the cover photo.

Ken McCauley's photo.

  • We just found this pic. Joanne Kennedy Books Cowboy Tough. It’s like Crocodile Dundee! Or maybe that’s MMA wrestler George “GSP” St. Pierre behind those sunglasses. But anyway, Joanne Kennedy has another book now available in audio format, and that’s not a “Bad Thing!”
  • Then he started looking for lookalikes:


    Ken McCauley's photo.
  • That’s Georges St. Pierre, my favorite MMA fighter. Put a hat on him, and hey – he’d work for a cover!
    Then he found another one:
     Paul Hogan, aka Crocodile Dundee
    Ken McCauley's photo.
    Remember Crocodile Dundee? Just add sunglasses!
    A friend commented:
  •  I could have sworn that was you.
  • My husband responded:  Actually it is me, but I will have to admit the there was a little bit of Photoshop ….. In the real picture, my belt is brown leather, not black.
    You see why my cowboys are so funny? I’m married to a comedian:)