Cowboy Name Game

Cowboy names are always fun to come up with. They’re generally very manly and usually fairly short, and a lot of them are based on Western historical figures (Jedediah), actors (Clint), movie characters (Shane), or even weapons (Colt). Place names turn up too, like Austin and Dallas, and then there are the landscape names — Ridge, Stone, Creek, and Clay.

Usually I use rodeo programs to name my guys. That way I’m sure they’re real, authentic cowboy names, and ranch moms and dads seem to have endless imaginations when it comes to naming their kids.

But my facebook buds are no slouches when it comes to imaginative names. Some of the more unusual ones were Trampas (The Virginian), Stony, Creek (thank you, Carolyn Brown), and Bullet Wolf, which I’m told is the actual name of a real person. Do you suppose Bullet Wolf wears Rocket Dog shoes?

My friend Darcy of Red Cape Revolution thought there was no point in being subtle; she suggested “Hunk!”

But only one person posted the name I chose for my next cowboy hero – Ridge – so I think she ought to win something. Jayci Begley, send me your address and I’ll send you a book!

Coincidentally, my friend Kimberly Lewis, author of When the Heart Falls, was running a naming contest that same day. Stop by her blog and win a $10.00 Amazon or B&N gift certificate for naming her next cowboy!