How To Kiss A Cowboy


Between rodeo wins and endorsement deals, bronc rider Brady Caine is living a charmed life. But when he causes an accident that could end a promising barrel racer’s career, he decides that he’s done with loose women and wild rides. All he wants to do is erase his mistake by getting Suze Carlyle back in the saddle, but getting past her stubborn pride isn’t easy—especially since he’s the one man in the world she never wants to see again.


Suze Carlyle edged through the shadows at the far end of the Rodeo Days beer tent, praying she could make it back to her trailer before anyone noticed her. A hubbub at the bar made her pause, and when she saw the cause, she couldn’t help but smile.

Brady Caine had arrived, strolling into the tent with a loose-hipped swagger that said “cowboy” as clearly as the worn spots on the seat of his jeans. Tall and tan, with rugged good looks and an easy smile, he barely had time to rest one hip on a bar stool before he was surrounded by a flock of pretty cowgirls who fluttered around him like hummingbirds squabbling over sugar.