Cowboy Fever


She’s still the girl next door — but he’s a whole new cowboy.

Teague Treadwell always liked Jodi Brand, but it wasn’t until she won Miss Rodeo Wyoming that he realized he loved her—even though she’d buried her tomboy charm under an impenetrable layer of Aquanet and Mary Kay. Becoming rodeo queen earned her a Wrangler modeling contract, a full-ride scholarship, and a first-class ticket out of town—and out of Teague’s reach.

While Jodi was off at college, Teague worked his family out of their battered trailer and into respectability by turning their dying ranch into a first class roughstock operation. He’s providing broncs and bulls to some of the biggest rodeos on the PRCA circuit, and he’s dating a local heiress who’s teaching him to play polo. But his big new house feels too big and too empty, and starched shirts and string ties are strangling the man he used to be.

Jodi’s success as a rodeo queen freed her from the stifling constraints of small town life, but after six years back East she wants nothing more than to shed her sparkle and put her education to work turning her father’s neglected ranch into a therapy riding clinic. When she hires his mentally disabled brother to help out in the barn, Teague insists on getting involved and old sparks ignite.

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