For Readers

A little bit more about my books from reviews to sneak peaks.

In Love!

I’m so in love with the characters that I can’t wait to get home from work and punch them up on the computer and dive back into their world.

Sasquatch Dreams

I dreamed I was at a writing conference, pitching a book about a search for Bigfoot.

Twilight Tonight

I worry that we’re teaching another generation of young women that love is tragic and painful, and that inappropriate men are the tastiest kind of forbidden fruit.

The Ratman

Scrape is not a fan of rats, so he found this horrific. I thought it was kind of cool

The Tiny Teacup

M. is our scaled-down Wyoming version of the Psychic Friends Network. She may be only one friend, but she’s definitely tuned in to the cosmic network far more effectively than Miss Cleo.

Wanted: Fantasy Men

Scrape is tall. He’s dark. He’s handsome. He’s perfect romance fodder, and a real inspiration (nudge nudge, wink wink). But I can’t base all my romantic heroes on him. For one thing, they can’t all be hot-cha fighter pilots. For another, he’s a little too good to be true. Really. I keep waiting for him […]

Spotlight Addiction

Last year, at the Colorado Gold Conference, I gained a full understanding of the inner workings of the tormented psyche of Britney Spears. Yes, that’s right. Our favorite crash’‘n’burn starlet? I totally get her mindset. Totally. The head-shaving, panty-flashing celebrity is simply a victim of spotlight addiction. For a few short hours that weekend, I […]

About Me

About five years ago, I embarked on a writing career as part of my burgeoning midlife crisis. Since then, I’ve published two contemporary Western romances, Cowboy Trouble and One Fine Cowboy. In 2011, I’ll be releasing two more books – Cowboy Fever in April, and Tall Dark & Cowboy in the fall. Ernest Hemingway once said […]