Is she a delicate flower … or a steel magnolia?

When Lacey Bradford rolls into Grady, Wyoming, she expects a warm welcome from her old friend Chase Caldwell. All through high school, Chase followed her around like a faithful Golden Retriever, hungering for a kind word and a pat on the head. But when she walks into Caldwell Used Cars, Chase is anything but glad to see her. The gangling farm boy has turned into a muscular, caustic cowboy who’s more Rottweiler than retriever. Even when Lacey explains she’s on the run from her ex-husband’s partners in crime, Chase is unsympathetic. She was hoping he’d offer some help, but all he does is accuse her of selling herself to the wealthy land developer who took her as a trophy wife the day she turned eighteen.

Looking back, Lacey thinks he might be right. Swayed by Trent Bradford’s status and good looks, she let him install her in his mansion on the hill and endured a loveless marriage until the revelation of his involvement in a land-grabbing scheme drover her to leave. Now her ex has disappeared into Witness Protection and his cronies will do anything to keep him from testifying.

Chase’s hostility is explained when Lacey discovers he was one of the victims of Trent’s machinations. His family lost their farm and he’s come to Wyoming to start over, determined to revitalize a rugged piece of land and pass it on to a son of his own. He’s just waiting for the right woman to help him build a new future – a strong, sturdy cowgirl who loves the land and the animals like he does. He’s definitely not looking for for a spoiled society girl who suffers an anxiety attack every time she gets near a horse.

But when he discovers Lacey’s in imminent danger, his feelings for her resurface and he inisists she move to the ranch. Proximity leads to passion as he watches her work to overcome her fears. And when real danger comes to Caldwell Ranch, he realizes his delicate Southern flower just might be a steel magnolia.

Coming November, 2011
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 9781402251443

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It’s easy to fall in love with a book as wonderful and charming as TALL, DARK AND COWBOY. With fresh description that creates a classic small hometown feeling, this story wraps you up into your own private corner of Wyoming. A solid plot with a flare of romance, a splash of humor, a little intrigue and amazing characters all pull you into this heartfelt read. Once you arrive, you won’t ever want to leave… There are three words you need to remember about this novel: Don’t miss it!

The Romance Reviews — Lisa Jo

Tall, Dark and Cowboy is not your usual contemporary western romance. It is a completely different kind of story about the stalwart Wyoming rancher and the woman of his dreams. When Chase and Lacey do finally get in the sack together, the sex rocks the walls, but then Lacey calls a halt. This happens more than once which is less frustrating than it is extremely comical.

I am a new fan of Joanne Kennedy but rest assured I will be reading more of her work. I find her style of writing charming and a pleasant way to pass an evening enjoying an enchanting romantic love story that makes me laugh.

Dark Divas Reviews — Maggie B. 

Everything in the story fits, the characters, the issues, the jobs.  The pacing was well done, I was never bored while reading.  Joanne Kennedy blended serious moments, humor, action, and romance into a seamless, well developed story.

Book Savvy Babe

Lacey and Chase play off of each other beautifully…These scenes are the true treasure of the book. When their chemistry overtakes them, the pages start to sizzle. Each encounter is better than the one before, leaving the reader anxious to learn what happens next…Once the reader settles in and falls in love with Chase, who is absolutely swoon-worthy, it’s impossible to think about anything else. The writing is sharp, the dialogue is witty, and the pace is perfect.

Long and Short Reviews

A heroine that is really trying to better herself, a hero you can’t say no to, a good cast of side characters that you would like to know, a bitchy woman you will want to slap and a creepy “villain”…I want to lose myself in a good romance and in the end I would read more books by her. It made me happy.

Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell

The romance was very cute, but I don’t want to give too much away, so I’m just going to say that I very much enjoyed it. The book was great, and it will be a good re-read that will be waiting on the shelf for me.

Kayla, Sexy Women Read

Ever since her wonderful One Fine Cowboy, Kennedy has been an author to watch, and this book just adds to her string of hits.

Pat Henshaw, All About Romance 

TALL, DARK, AND COWBOY is an enjoyable, feel-good read with a yummy hero…

Book Lover and Procrastinator

Joanne has done it again. She has written a wonderful western romance that is fun, gritty, with a sexy cowboy and a memorable heroine… I don’t think there is a bad story in Joanne’s veins.

5 Horseshoe rating Ponytails Book Reviews

If you enjoy romance with brawny, sexy cowboys and a good love story to boot (pun intended) then I would tell you to grab this one.
Rating: 8/10 (rating for excellent sex scenes and a story that kept me engaged.

Staci, Life in the Thumb Book Review

Tall, Dark and Cowboy is a wonderful blend of contemporary romance, westerns and romantic suspense all artfully woven together in a heartwarming story about forgiveness, learning to trust again and the power of second chances.

Urban Girl Reader

Ms Kennedy is a writer who really manages to tell a good story. Her tales are based in reality and her characters smack of people you and I know really live somewhere in the real world…If you haven’t read any of Ms Kennedy’s stories you owe it to yourself to experience her expertise at least once.

The Book Binge 

This is the first of Joanne’s books I’ve read — it definitely won’t be the last! Joanne’s writing is clean, her dialogue is fun and witty and her pacing is fast. Tall, Dark and Cowboy is a fun, fast, entertaining read!

Joan Swan — Passion, Danger, Suspense