How to Wrangle a Cowboy

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A Romantic Times “Top Pick”

Lindsey Ward’s happy place has always been her grandfather’s Wyoming ranch, so it breaks her heart to have to sell it. She’ll miss the scent of sagebrush under the wide-open sky, but at least the sale will help fund the veterinary clinic she’s always dreamed of. She’ll be able to help the animals who need her most—the neglected, the abandoned, and the abused.

It’s not like Lindsey has a choice. The ranch is worth millions, and a mysterious stranger who claims to be a long-lost relative is blackmailing her for what he claims is his rightful inheritance. If she doesn’t pay up, he’ll spill a story about her grandfather’s past that will stain her grandmother’s memories. Who knows? In her delicate state, the truth might even kill her.

Lindsey’s not about to tell her granddad’s secret to anyone—not even Shane Lockhart, the ranch foreman. It hurts to let him believe she’s so heartless she’d force her grandmother to leave the home she loves just for the satisfaction of a big, fat check. But her grandfather trusted her with everything he had—the ranch, his wife, and his secrets.

Lindsey vows to put up with the pain—but Shane’s angry glares hurt more and more as she comes to know—and to love—this rugged cowboy whose stubborn idealism matches her own.