Any Day Now…

According to my publicist, Cowboy Trouble is shipping to bookstores as we speak! The official release date is March 2nd, but it looks like it will be hitting bookstores a couple weeks early. With any luck, I’ll be working at B&N when it arrives and I’ll have the heady and surreal experience of unpacking and […]

Harlequin Horizons

Today, the romance blogosphere is abuzz with news of the launch of Harlequin Horizons, a vanity/subsidy press created by a cooperative venture between vanity press Author Solutions and Harlequin Enterprises. The news has spewed the self-publishing vs. traditional publishing debate all over the romance-themed websites and comment boards. Within the romance community, Harlequin is a […]

Ten Simple Rules

 November is always a busy month. There’s Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations to get done, and the bookstore is always busy. Now I’ve gone and tossed another task into the mix: I have revisions due on my second book on November 30th, and corrections to Cowboy Trouble are due by November 25th. That’s what I get for always […]

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

I have a lot of experience with rejection. You’d think that would be a bad thing, but it’s actually a triumph. I’m proud of my rejections in the same way a warrior is proud of his scars, but with one important difference: every painful scar brings the warrior closer to the end of his career […]

The Hard Part

I finished my revisions. I finished them a day early. I should be excited, happy, proud—right? I’ve gone through my editor’s checklist, and I’ve addressed every issue, and addressed them well. I reread the whole thing today, and I was actually impressed with what I’ve accomplished. I thought the book was the best it could […]