With friends like these…

… it often seems as though the “best friend” character has more of a personality than the heroine. It’s the spunky sidekick who boots the heroine in the butt and gets her moving. It’s the feisty best friend that speaks her mind and starts all the trouble.

So maybe the book should be about the best friend.

Making the Bad Guy Good

I’ve been struggling with the antagonist in my new book. So has my protagonist, of course, but she seems to be winning. Up until today, I wasn’t doing so well. It’s hard to write a villain without resorting to stereotypes. You set out to create a believable character, and before you know it, you’ve got […]

Real Characters

I don’t know where characters come from.  It should be obvious. I make them up, right? But it’s not that simple. If I make them up, why do they spring to life fully formed? Why do I so often feel their actions are out of my control? And why do they seem so dang alive? It’s […]