Reviews make me crazy! It’s hard to put my heart into a book and then wait while it’s judged by strangers, even if the strangers probably want to love the books they cover. Who doesn’t want to find the next great read? But I read each review with trepidation and a pounding heart.

There’s a reason for my angst. Years ago, I got a terrible review from PW for One Fine Cowboy. I was devastated and convinced my career was over, until the book finaled in the prestigious RITA contest. That was a huge endorsement, and helped me realize each review is just one person’s opinion. We don’t all like the same things, and that’s okay.

One Fine Cowboy will be re-released in October with this fabulous new cover. It’s still one of my favorites out of all my books.

But deep down, I want everyone to love my books and my characters, so I’m pleased that Publisher’s Weekly offered kind words for Cowboy Summer. Here’s the review, and here’s a quote:

“Kennedy’s delicious contemporary series launch is filled with nostalgia as a woman returns to the Wyoming ranch of her childhood and reunites with her first love… Wit and charm suffuse this well-plotted story about remembering what’s most important in life.”

Now I just have to wait for Booklist, Kirkus, and all the romance blogs to weigh in. I hope they like Cowboy Summer as well, and I hope you do, too! This book is especially close to my heart for a lot of reasons, and I want Jess and Cade to live on in reader’s hearts for a long, long time.

Have a donkey-dancing day!