Show Me the Belly

You know when you find a frightened dog—maybe at a shelter, or maybe on the street—and you spend a long, slow time getting it to trust you? You have to crouch down and speak softly, holding out scraps of food while you pray in your head that it will give you its heart. You don’t […]

Attack of the Giant Finch!

Stillwater Diary, May 21, 2019 This photo freaked me out! If you look carefully, you can see what appears to be a giant goldfinch trudging up from the creek.  Apparently, I caught this bird flying toward the feeders at the moment his wings closed. At first, I thought I’d serendipitously snapped a fox or some […]

First Review for Cowboy Summer!

Reviews make me crazy! It’s hard to put my heart into a book and then wait while it’s judged by strangers, even if the strangers probably want to love the books they cover. Who doesn’t want to find the next great read? But I read each review with trepidation and a pounding heart. There’s a […]